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Misfolded Protein Molecules as Added Dimensions of Generic Performance Dynamics of Neuronal Function and Dysfunction
Agius LM

Neonatal Menstruation and its Meaning
Bianchi P, et al.

Diagnosis of Cancer Using X-ray Diffraction of Skin
James VJ

Health Benefits of Mango (Mangifera Indica L) and Mangiferin
Swaroop A, et al.

The Association between Varicose Vein of Lower Extremity and Tongue Exam
Kawanishi J, et al.

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Population-Based Study of Child Mortality (0-4) and Income Inequality in Japan and the Developed world 1989-91 v 2012-14: Any Excess Deaths Between the Most Unequal Countries? 
Colin Pritchard, Mel Hughes, Emily Rosenorn-Lanng, Richard Williams

Interface Pressures Derived from Oversized Compression Arm Sleeves
Kotaro Suehiro, Noriyasu Morikage, Koshiro Ueda, Makoto Samura, Yuriko Takeuchi, Takashi Nagase, Takahiro Mizoguchi, Kimikazu Hamano

Angiotensin converting enzyme, a negative moderator of the innate immune response in both mammals and insects
Roger Huybrechts, Luca Coltura, Sven Ickx and Tewodros Duressai

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