Volume 2 Issue 2


Prism Treatment of Strabismus in Childhood - An Overview of Forty Years

Background: Infantile concomitant squint is based on sensorial and motor defects. Successful treatment is required to modulate both components and not merely the eye position. Material and method: Esotropic or intermittent divergent squinting children aged 2-14 years, without amblyopia, with a…

Elfriede Stangler-Zuschrott

2019; 2(2): 335 – 337 . doi: 10.31488/jjm.1000136

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Cellular Effects Following Exposure to Mobile Phone Radiation and its Compensation

The effect of non-thermal radiation on biological systems is still discussed controversial. In this present study we investigated the non-thermal effects of an actively transmitting 1800 MHz mobile phone on cultured connective tissue fibroblasts (L-929). Cell vitality was examined morphologically and by using a…

Peter C. Dartsch, Timo Dochow

2019; 2(2): 338 – 343. doi: 10.31488/jjm.1000137

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Tumor Liberated Protein (TLP) as Potential Target for Immunotherapy Associated to Nutraceutical Supplements

The concept that the immune system can recognize and control tumor growth can be traced back to 1893 when William Coley used live bacteria as an immune stimulant to treat cancer, but the enthusiasm for cancer immunotherapy has been moderate due….

Matteo Micucci, Giulio Tarro

2019; 2(2): 344 – 346 . doi: 10.31488/jjm.1000138
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Severely Handicapped Seniors and in Long-Term Need of Care – Burden of Increasing Age Gender Inequality in Men's Health in Germany

Severely handicapped seniors and long-term need of care – Burden of increasing age. Gender inequality in men’s health in Germany. The deterioration of men’s health in old age is illustrated using the example of increasing number of severely disabled seniors and growing need for long-term care in…

Doris Bardehle

2019; 2(2): 347 – 352 . doi: 10.31488/jjm.1000139
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Research Article

Outcomes of Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery for Lung Cancer Performed by a Team of General Surgeons – A Retrospective Study

Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) with hilar/mediastinal lymph node dissection for primary lung cancer is usually performed by teams of multiple thoracic surgeons. Few reports have documented the procedure being performed by a team of general surgeons. We introduced VATS lobectomy…

Ryuta Fukai, Tomoki Nishida, Nao Kume, Takaaki Murata, Katsunori Miyake, Naoko Isogai, Rai Shimoyama, Jun Kawachi, Shyuji Kurata, Hidekazu Iijima, Kazunao Watanabe

2019; 2(2): 353 – 357 . doi: 10.31488/jjm.1000140
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