Volume 1 Issue 6

Research article

Knowledge on Under-Five Childhood Immunization Schedule amongst Parents at Nurseries in Putrajayaand Cyberjaya in Malaysia

Immunization is the process to replace a predicted natural primary contact between the human body and a hostile organism with a much safer artificial contact, in order to allow the build up of antibodies that increase the immunity with subsequent natural contact….

Nor AfiahMohd Zulkefli, Mohammad Farhan Bin Rusli, Muhammad Hanafiah JuniD

2018; 1(6): 260 – 268 . doi: 10.31488/jjm.1000126

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Pathogenesis of Hypervirulent Group A Streptococcus

Streptococcus pyogenes, which is commonly referred asGroup AStreptococcus (GAS), is a major human pathogen that causes both relatively mild common infections, such as pharyngitis and superficial skin infections….

Mengyao Liu, Benfang Lei

2018; 1(6): 269 – 275. doi: 10.31488/jjm.1000127
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State of Art of Oral Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin) in Biermer’s Disease (Pernicious Anemia)

Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) is the largest and most complex of all the vitamins [1]. Their molecular structure is C63H88CoN14O14P or C62H88CoN13O14P and their molecular weight is 1329.37 g/mol (Figure 1). The name vitamin B12…

Emmanuel Andrès, Abrar-Ahmad Zulfiqar, Thomas Vogel, Georges Kaltenbach

2018; 1(6): 276 -284. doi: 10.31488/jjm.1000128

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Research Article

Evolutionary Analysis of Post-translational Modification Sites in Translation Elongation Factor 1A

Eukaryotic translation elongation factor 1A (eEF1A) is an abundant protein in cells and delivers aminoacyl-tRNA onto a ribosome [1]. It is said that the principal function of eEF1A is protein biosynthesis…

Yosuke Kondo, Satoru Miyazaki
2018; 1(6): 285 -290. doi: 10.31488/jjm.1000129
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Research Article

An International comparative Study on EuroQol-5-Dimension Questionnaire (EQ-5D) tariff scores between the UK and Japan

An increase in medical expenses has recently been a matter of concern to many countries [1]. One of the factors of this concern is the higher cost of novel medical technologies (new pharmaceutical products and medical devices) compared to that of pre-existing technologies [2]…

Tsuguo Iwatani, Shinichi Noto, KoichiroTsugawa

2018; 1(6): 291-296. doi: 10.31488/jjm.1000130

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