Volume 1 Issue 2

Mini Review

Misfolded Protein Molecules as Added Dimensions of Generic Performance Dynamics of Neuronal Function and Dysfunction

Performance neuronal dimensions include the realization of attribute formulation in terms of folded molecules with a specifically targeted landscape of protein misfolding. Misfolding patterns of molecular structure perform proportional identity reformulation in terms of ongoing systems….

Lawrence M. Agius
2018; 1(2): 130-133 . doi: 10.31488/jjm.1000106
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Mini Review

Diagnosis of Cancer Using X-ray Diffraction of Skin

Skin samples can be used to diagnose a number of cancers (such as melanoma, high and low grade prostate cancer, bowel) by simply spotting the different additions to the skin diffraction pattern made by each cancer. …

Veronica J. James
2018; 1(2): 134 – 139 . doi: 10.31488/jjm.1000107
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Review Article

Neonatal Menstruation and its Meaning

Neonatal uterine bleeding (NUB), or neonatal menstruation is today a totally neglected phenomenon, labelled as “perfectly normal and therefore not worth investigating”. Yet, over the last two centuries, its frequency…

Paola Bianchi, Ivo Brosens, Giuseppe Benagiano
2018; 1(2): 140 – 148 . doi: 10.31488/jjm.1000108
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Review Article

Health Benefits of Mango (Mangiferaindica L) and Mangiferin

Mango (MangiferaIndica Linn.) fruit is very popular around the world, which provides a soothing sweet aroma and delicious taste, while mango leaves are becoming increasingly popular for its battery of therapeutic benefits including the treatment of diabetes, blood pressure, restlessness, respiratory problems, gall bladder and kidney stones…

Anand Swaroop , Manashi Bagchi ,Hiroyoshi Moriyama , and Debasis Bagchi
2018; 1(2): 149 – 154 . doi: 10.31488/jjm.1000109
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Research Article

The Association between Varicose Vein of Lower Extremity and Tongue Exam

Blood stasis, ‘oketsu’, is a very important pathophysiological concept not only in Kampo but also in traditional Chinese medicine. Zetsu shin(the tongue exam) isthe most important of the four diagnostic procedures in Kampo….

Jun Kawanishi, Tatsunori Ikemoto, Young-Chang Arai, Yusuke Imaeda, Hosokawa Keijiro, Yoshikazu Sakakima, Akihiro Ito, Masafumi Nakagawa, Kouhei Yamakawa, Keiko Owari, Hironori Saisu
2018; 1(2): 155 – 157. doi: 10.31488/jjm.1000110
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