Volume 1 Issue 4


How does Thiamine Deficiency cause the Wernicke – Korsakoff Syndrome?

Glucose is a major source of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a common energy currency for all brain cells.A primary mechanism for the production of ATP is attributed to anaerobic glycolysis and the aerobic processes including the tricarboxylic acid (TCA) cycle and mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation (OXPHOS)….

Futoshi Shintani
2018; 1(4): 186-190 . doi: 10.31488/jjm.1000116
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Mini Review

Colon capsule endoscopy for colorectal cancer screening in patients with the positive fecal occult blood test (FOBT) in Japan

Screening for colorectal cancer (CRC) has been shown to be effective in reducing mortality from the disease. Unfortunately, however,while the decrease in CRC mortality is mainlydue to the contribution….

Konosuke Nakaji .
2018; 1(4): 191-196 . doi: 10.31488/jjm.1000117
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Research Article

Portal hypertension, cirrhosis of liver and the unsuspected intrinsic property of melanin to dissociate the water molecule, like chlorophyll in plants

Portal hypertension is a pressure in the portal venous system that is at least 5 mm Hg higher than the pressure in the inferior vena cava. This increased pressure results from an anatomic or functional obstruction to blood flow from any point in the portal system´s origin through the hepatic veins, or from an increase in blood flow in the system….

Arturo Solís Herrera
2018; 1(4): 197 -205 . doi: 10.31488/jjm.1000118
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Review Article

Kidney development and susceptibility to develop kidney disease in adulthood

Human nephrogenesis is physiologically completed between the 35th and the 36th week of gestation. Pre-term infants may continue nephrogenesis after birth only for 2-4 weeks. Extreme immaturity at birth may be associated to impaired….

Faa G, Fanni D, Gerosa C, Gibo Y, Fanos V
2018; 1(4): 217 -221 . doi: 10.31488/jjm.1000119
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Mini Review

Constrictive Pericarditis: A Review

Constrictive pericarditis (CP) is a form of heart failure related to constrictive physiology. Every patient presenting with right heart failure should be examined for CP using multimodality diagnostic tools….

Hiroshi Imagawa
2018; 1(4): 222- 225. doi: 10.31488/jjm.1000120
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